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From: Dan B
Subject: Fag for Dad 1This story is a work of fiction between a Dad and his son. If you're not
old enough to read adult material, please leave now!Fag for Dad part 1I woke up from a nap one lazy summer afternoon to see my Dad hanging
clothes out on the line in the back yard.I was feeling frisky, so I went out there to talk to him."How are you, boy?" he asked. I was so entranced with staring at his
manly body, I didn't respond at first. I had just discovered that grown
up men had hair, but was too shy to ask about it."Ummm I'm ok, Dad. Hey, Dad?""Son?""How come you have so much hair under your arms?""Well that's to keep me cooled off when I'm warm," he said, blushing
at least 2 shades of red."Really?" I asked, feeling my pants getting tighter. "Will I get hair
like yours when I'm older?""You sure will, boy. Tell you what, you go sit on the couch in the
living room, I'll finish up here, and we'll have a little chat, ok?"
he flashed me one of his patient smiles and off I went to the living
room. I turned on the TV and went channel hopping until I found pro
wrestling. My little boydick got hard again and I was so busy staring at
the men, I didn't notice Dad come in."Boy, you have some questions about men?" he smiled at me again and my
poor little dick got painfully hard."Well, yeah, Dad. What's going to happen?""Son, as you get older you'll hit puberty and you'll go through some
changes. It's just a part of growing up. You're growing up so fast,"
he said sitting on the couch next to me. "You'll have hair on your
chest and arms and legs,""And armpits?" I asked, my hand trying to cover my stiff little dick
through my jeans.He laughed a little and said, "Yes, even your armpits. You want to see
where your Dad has hair? It's ok, boys are curious," he said peeling
off his shirt so I could see his hairy chest and those sweaty pits.
"Come on, son, come sit on Daddy's lap and look."I did preteens lolitas nymphets models as I was told. I'm a good boy and I was really curious. I nuzzled
right into his chest and he let out a long sigh. "Oh, son. Such a good
boy. I see your peepee getting hard there. That's ok, too. It's
natural. Feel Dad's hairy chest. Yeah good boy"I was in heaven. I loved my Dad so much. I felt his pelt (as he called
his hairy chest sometimes) up and down. His hair was soft, and he was
smelling really good. He raised up his big right hand to behind his head."See this hairy lola e preteens pink
pit, boy? Sniff it. I don't smell bad and I think I
know you're going to grow up to be a faggot."I pulled back, tears in my eyes. I didn't exactly know what a faggot
was, just that you weren't supposed to be one. That's what they called
me in school sometimes."Daddy, I...""Shhh... be quiet, son. I don't care you're a faggot. I see pussyboys
like you all the time when I'm on a long haul," Dad is a trucker. When
he goes on a long cross-country trips my Aunt Anne comes to stay with me.
She's a nice lady, but I miss my Dad terribly. "You're my only son and
I love you. Now get your face back in my pit and start licking," he said
gently pushing the back of my head. He was cradling me now, with all
those hairs in my mouth and the masculine musky aroma, I was dizzy with
lust."Now boy, lick on my nipple here. Yeah, good boy. I'm going to hold you
so close and keep you safe. My little fagboy. You my fagboy? Are you son?
Kiss me, Daddy`s beard is tickly, isn`t it?"He didn't really let me answer and pushed my head down to his nipple. It
was comforting, like I was being nursed like a little baby I had seen
once on TV. He gently rocked me back and forth, running his fingers
through my hair, caressing my cheek, calling me all these names that I
knew were dirty, even if I didn't know what they meant."Come on, faggot. Daddy's got some more things to show you. Come into
Daddy's bedroom," and picked me up, still nursing on his nipple.
"A faggot's true purpose in life," he said, undressing me slowly,
while I was still in his arms, "is to make real men happy. I'm going to
make sure you worship your Father's cock. I'm the one that created you
and I'll be here for you while I turn you into my little pussyboy. I can
see by your little dick you're liking this. You're my fagboy now. That
means I'm going to have to teach you all about the things you're going
to have to learn to please me. Are you ready, faggot? Is my son ready to
be my fag for Dad? Inhale," he ordered, indicating a small brown bottle
he took from the headboard."Yeah, Dad," I moaned, completely out of my skull. I felt dizzy, I felt
dirty and I preteen lolita big tits knew for a fact that Dad not only loved me, he was going to
turn me into something other than just a little boy...More later? This is my first submission, so please be nice.Feel free to email me: Dan.Plumeyahoo.com
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